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Employee Benefits

Whether a business is attempting to recruit new employees or retain its current staff, the business must offer a competitive benefits package. The key is to put together a benefits package that is both affordable and appealing.

What benefits should a business provide?
Consider Group Health, Group Life, and Group Disability Income Insurance. In addition, an employer sponsored retirement plan is also an important component of a business benefits package. Assembling the right combination of benefit plans isn’t as difficult as one might think, but there are a lot of variables to consider - Cost - Number of Employees - Business Needs - all of which play a part in determining the appropriate employee benefits package that is right for your paticular business.

Implementing an employee benefit package:
An employee beneifits package may seem expensive, however the tax advantages may significantly reduce the overall cost, and the intangible benefits could be financially rewarding.

· Group Health Insurance

· Group Life Insurance

· Group Disability Income Insurance

· Group Life Long Term Care Programs

· Employer Sponsored Pension Plans

· Managed Account Programs

· Deferred Annuity Products

· Securities Accounts

How to Get Started?

Get started today by contacting us at Capistrano Insurance & Financial Services. We will evaluate your needs and create an appropriate benefits package for your business.

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