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Established in "1994"

Buy-Sell Strategies

The buy-sell agreement is at the heart of succession planning. Properly designed and funded, this plan can determine who will take over the business and at what value. It can transfer ownership to those who will remain active in the business and help make sure you and your heirs receive a fair price for your business interests.

Partnerships or corporations can set up a “Buy-Sell” agreement in the form of:

· A “Cross Purchase”, in which the estate of the deceased owner sells the business interest to a surviving business associate.

· An “Entity Purchase”, in which the estate sells the business interest to the business entity.

· Funding a “Buy-Sell” agreement with life insurance can help ensure that your family or estate is paid fair market value at a vital time.· If the business is sold to a surviving owner, life insurance can provide the cash needed to secure your interest, thereby assuring a smooth complete transition of management and control.

How to Get Started?
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